Residence5 Pipera Apartments – a healthier life, surrounded by more green space


Lately, we have all learned how important it is to love our home and appreciate what we have. If you choose to live in Bucharest, it is important to be able to opt for an area that offers you a small corner of nature. Residence5 Pipera Apartments aims to introduce you to apartment communities, located in an area with a lot of green space, so that you can really appreciate the beauty of the environment and enjoy a longer and healthier life. 

Green spaces to relax

Nature and modern atmosphere coexist in the Pipera area. The elegant design, combined with the two-thirds of green spaces, transforms the residential complex into your relaxation oasis. The lush vegetation, characterized by ample green spaces, gives you peace of mind and a comforting place to relax. Relaxation is important for your mood, mental, but also physical.

Urbanization and reduction of green spaces is a large-scale phenomenon, both in Bucharest and in major cities in the country and around the world. Residence5 Pipera Apartments wants to bring nature closer to you through the ample green spaces arranged, especially for relaxation, which it wants you to enjoy as much as possible.

You can choose to go for a walk around the complex to clear your thoughts when you went into work from home. You can spend a few moments for meditation or to delight your senses with the scent of flowers and vegetation, of a spectacular, wonderful green. Whatever the reason can be, a few minutes spent outdoors is a surefire way to feel better.

Special area for a sporty lifestyle

When it comes to the pursuit of happiness, physical and mental health, green space is an important factor. Because it is health that comes first, you can choose to start or end your day with a jogging session inside the ensemble, close to your new home.
The landscaped green space is perfect for sports sessions, outdoors, near the house. Thus, you will not need to travel too long a distance to take advantage of all the facilities, which an outdoor session offers you. If you want something more and feel the need to lift weights, WorldClass Pipera is just 5 minutes away.

Vast perspectives for a balanced life

Choose a Residence5 Pipera apartment to enjoy glorious moments of tranquility and relaxation. This gorgeous area is the ideal place for summer evenings, where you can enjoy a cool glass of lemonade and the feeling of cool breeze, from the terrace of your new apartment or even in the garden, if you choose an apartment with an indoor garden, on the ground floor of the block.  Two-thirds of the area of the complex is intended for green parks and playgrounds, for a balanced life.

The whole area will help you create a work life balance, to improve both your physical, mental and emotional well-being and your career.

Residence5 Pipera Apartments is characterized by a wonderful space, combining natural elements, both in the landscape and in the design. The area of ample green spaces offers you and your neighbors, an open space to enjoy the sun and to relax in their free time or after a grueling day of work.

Choose to discover a modern design that combines the perfect balance between tranquility and the less hectic life of the city, the elements that matter so much to you.

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