Quality interior finishes for the bathrooms of Residence5 apartments


Within the Residence5 Pipera Apartments complex, the quality of the interior finishes is an essential aspect, and this is particularly reflected in the design of the bathrooms in each apartment. Even the smallest detail has been carefully worked out to give the future residents a special experience when they step into each room.

A careful selection of high quality materials has been used to create stylish and modern bathrooms. From the floors finished with durable and easy-care Marazzi ceramic, to the walls clad in moisture-resistant tiles. All elements are carefully chosen to ensure resistance over time and an enviable aesthetic.

You have the comfort that matters to you

As for the sanitary items, the bathrooms of the Residence5 apartments are equipped with the highest quality parts. Modern bathtubs and refined sinks complete the pleasant design of these spaces. Each sanitary object is chosen to offer maximum comfort and functionality, without compromising the overall aesthetics of the room.

Interior finishes also include faucets and premium accessories that add extra comfort to bathrooms. From the contemporary design, to the handles and towel rails, carefully thought out to perfectly match the overall style of the bathrooms and a modern lifestyle like yours.

No longer have to choose between aesthetics or functionality, you have both

Residence5 is also concerned with the practical aspects of interior finishes. Thus, in the bathrooms of the apartments you will find the appropriate lighting, including light spots and illuminated mirrors, which add extra functionality and create a pleasant atmosphere while using these spaces.

For residents who appreciate luxury and attention to detail, the quality interior finishes used in the bathrooms in Residence5 apartments are definitely a strong point. Each element is designed to create a refined and comfortable environment, offering a sense of relaxation and elegance in every moment spent in these spaces.

Located in the north of Bucharest, Residence5 Pipera Apartments offers you more than just apartments with quality interior finishes. This residential complex is an oasis of peace and comfort in a vibrant and constantly developing area. If you are looking for a home in this area, we invite you to come and experience the atmosphere of Residence5.

Here, you will discover not only modern and well-appointed apartments, but also a friendly and lively community. The complex offers facilities (ample green spaces) designed to enhance the lifestyle of the residents. Whether you are looking for a home for a growing family or want to enjoy the comfort of a modern apartment in a safe and friendly environment, Residence5 offers you everything you need. Moreover, until May 30, 2023, you have a preferential price. Discover the offer.

Residence5 - experience and success in the real estate project development industry

The Residential5 Pipera Apartments complex is built by a reliable developer with experience and success in the real estate development industry. Residence5 is the 16th completed project, totaling over 1000 apartments and 50 villas, located mainly in the northern area of the capital (Aviatiei, Băneasa, Pipera). Each apartment is made to high standards of quality.

Attention to the details of the execution, high-quality materials, interiors bathed in natural light, turn the apartments throughout the ensemble into a reliable and future investment.

If we have caught your attention and you want to be part of a wonderful community, we invite you to consult the apartments available on the webpage www.residence5.ro/pipera-apartments. You will be able to choose apartments with one, two, three or four rooms, of exceptional quality, overlooking the green area, for added privacy.

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