Residence5 Pipera Apartments – easy to rent


The main factor underlying the choice of an apartment, is location. If the desired apartment is close to the office area, its attractiveness increases. Residence5 Pipera Apartments is a viable real-estate option, especially for professionally active young people with jobs in the north area of Bucharest.

Close to the main corporations in the north of the capital

When you decide to invest in an apartment, choose the area where you know you can easily rent it to a quality client. It is important to keep in mind the headquarters of companies in the area or the schools where your client can enroll their children. Residence5 Pipera Apartments is the ideal solution from this point of view, the development being located in Pipera, in the area that meets these conditions.


No matter where the people to whom you will be able to rent the apartment work, at one of the prestigious companies Genpact, Coca-Cola, eMag, Amazon, Oracle or HP, your apartment in the Pipera area will be the ideal option for those who want to be closer to their office. Thus, they will gain valuable time and will not waste minutes on the road, waking up early in the morning to get to the office on time, and you will know that you always have a quality property, easy to rent.


Also, it is good alternative for the children of those who will rent the apartment. Parents will be able to opt for schools and kindergartens, public or private, available in the area.

Close to work, but also to restaurants or parks, for a balanced life

When you choose Residence5 Pipera Apartments, you also choose a life where comfort matters. Those who live in the neighborhood have ensured quick access to Baneasa and Otopeni airports, the A3 Bucharest-Ploiesti highway, but also playgrounds, restaurants and parks, where they can go out after business hours or on weekends.


They have routes to the center or outside the city to easily take advantage of a trip to the mountains or the sea without going through the usual hustle and bustle of the city. An active social life and extra comfort.


It is also worth mentioning the shopping centers Baneasa Shopping City, Promenada Mall, Pipera Plaza, Jolie Ville and Strip Mall, where they will be able to have fun with friends, colleagues and family, close to the Residence5 complex.

An urban community of young people following the same lifestyle

In the Residential5 Pipera Apartments development whether they will enjoy together the view from the terrace with their new neighbors, or they will start their working day with a brainstorming session at work or they will want to stop at the café in the area, after a grueling day of work, Residence5 Pipera Apartments offers them all the comfort they need, just a few steps from home.

If you want an investment in an apartment in the northern area of the capital, easy to rent or capitalize on over time, close to the office area, but also in an area inhabited mainly by young families, we invite you to see the apartments available on the webpage

You will be able to choose apartments with one, two, three or four rooms, at the quality that matters. Come and present you a fully finished apartment, with delivery until the end of the year, in December 2023.

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