Residence5 Pipera Apartments – it matters where you get out with your friends


Residence5 Pipera Residence is more than your place for you. Calling a place "home" describes much more than a living space and a series of rooms with different uses. No matter how you describe your lifestyle, we all want to be part of a community where we can have great experiences, meet new friends, and share quality time with family and loved ones. Residence5 Pipera Apartments, represents that complex that creates a real sense of community. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the most eccentric facilities that Bucharest offers you.

You are close to the famous restaurants in the north of the capital

One of the advantages of living in an apartment situated in a complex is that you will become part of a community. You will be able to socialize with your new neighbors and, being close to the famous restaurants in the north of the capital, you will be able to enjoy a coffee in the famous restaurants in the north, with them. Stejarii Pool Club, CulinArt Boutique, Argentine, are just a few of the places that will allow you to go out for lunch or dinner with friends from the office or with those from different activities that you practice in your free time.

Being close to restaurants frequented by a diverse multitude of people, a lunch outing will give you the opportunity to strike up new conversations. This way, you will meet people who have similar interests to yours.

You enjoy luxury shopping in nearby shopping centers

Just a few minutes from the complex, you will be able to discover the many shopping centers, Băneasa Shopping City, Promenada Mall, Pipera Plaza, Jolie Ville or Strip Mall, where you can treat yourself to a shopping session at luxury brands.

Conveniently located, with excellent access to București-Ploiești Road, Residence5 Pipera Apartments is close to luxury stores and famous brands in malls. If you want some exercise or to get to know the surroundings, you can even reach restaurants or shopping on foot.

You keep your vitality and health in the gyms and spas

The Residential5 Pipera Apartments complex emphasizes the health and vitality of each tenant. Located next to gyms and spas and beauty centers, you'll have plenty of time to spend at least 30 minutes at one of your favorite locations, in order to keep in shape, your mind and body.
The fresh air offered by the vast expanse of green space, specially arranged, is a great advantage, both for your health and for the opportunity to socialize with the other tenants in the complex. Since the physical environment plays an important role in encouraging social contacts, the need for as much green space as possible is obvious.
Because where you socialize matters, you'll also enjoy hitting the pool or the gym and reuniting with loved ones. With so many beauty salons in the area, you can surprise your loved one with an appointment at an exclusive beauty salon.
Residence5 Pipera Apartments complex offers you new, high-quality apartments with one, two and three bedrooms, open floor plans and luxury interior finishes. What really sets the complex apart are the unique and innovative common spaces. Residence5 is designed to encourage residents to spend quality time together and enjoy life. If it caught your attention, check out the apartments available on and choose to start a new life.

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