Residence5 Pipera for a healthy lifestyle


The purchase of an apartment in Residence5 Pipera brings you closer to a community of active, modern people who aspire to a quiet, healthy and safe lifestyle. The project is dedicated to those who love peace and value health. The architecture of the building impresses with simplicity and refinement, to which is added a touch of modernism, masterfully added.

Created for those who want to improve their health standards

The Residence5 Pipera Apartments complex offers its inhabitants of over 200 apartments a lot of green space and lush vegetation that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The project is designed to simplify access to a wide range of options for recreational activities, from which to choose the one compatible with your preferences and lifestyle and that of your family.

The ensemble is distinguished by its advantageous positioning that facilitates people's access to exclusive sports centers in the north of the capital, SPAs and wellness clubs with luxury services.

The Residence5 Pipera development is a real estate project developed to the highest standards and which proposes to its inhabitants diversified and healthy leisure options. We know what our clients' needs are and we are careful to meet their expectations, so that by constantly developing new projects, we improve our performance and Residence5 properties have become a reference in terms of quality and healthy active-life balance. We all dream of more green areas in the city, which will give us an oasis of tranquility. Even if this is harder to achieve in a capital, nothing seems impossible for us and we always manage to preserve green spaces!

An oasis of quiet life in an effervescent capital

When we designed the development, we established that two-thirds of the residential area should be composed of extensive green spaces and elegantly arranged for walks, recreational activities or jogging, in order to invigorate you after a busy day at the office. The problem of green spaces and children's parks in large cities is thus solved. Here you have playgrounds where the little ones will spend their free time, away from crowds and traffic, but especially safely.


For active natures, who usually include sports in their daily routine, the ensemble hosts a park so that your movement sessions can take place properly in an optimal environment. You have the chance to win a new life with a high degree of quality, starting from the space where you can do your exercises, the professional manner in which the works were executed and up to the possibilities of spending your free time at home.

More green space

Residence5 Pipera Apartments with more green space also means improving your privacy. A quiet private life is very valuable. The orientation of the apartments towards the interior garden aims to protect privacy. At the same time, the view to the vegetation area contributes to reducing the stress accumulated during the day and creating a fresh and soothing environment, giving the community the chance to imagine itself in the middle of nature, in a green capital.

Buying a place where you and your family can benefit from a modern, comfortable, safe and healthy lifestyle, where your children develop harmoniously is an investment with undeniable advantages for which future generations will thank you. The Residence5 development provides you all the ingredients needed for a healthy life! Consult here the list of the available apartments!

Take advantage of the Residence5 experience to enjoy the guarantee of a quality home. Come to visit the development and we will present you a fully finished apartment, with delivery until the end of the year, in December 2023.

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